The Minimalists Guide to Storing Interesting Articles

Minimalists Guide to Storing Interesting ArticlesWhat do you do with all those interesting and informative blog posts, or articles you find, want to read again, but haven’t got time right now? I think I may have the solution for you.


I came across Flipboard completely by chance. I was browsing my stats page and I seemed to be getting an increasing number of referrals from this ‘thing’ called Flipboard. However, when I clicked through to the links they just failed so I thought it was spam. The following day, I had over 100 referrals just from that site, so I decided to actually Google Flipboard, and low and behold its actually pretty cool (does using the word ‘cool’ make me uncool?! I did cringe a bit writing it, and now I feel old for questioning if I was cool!)

Anyway, if you’re anything like me, you might spend hours reading other blogs or trawling the internet for story research, but where do you put it all? I never really know what to do with all the things I want to read again, it’s not like the old days when you found stuff in magazines and shoved it in a folder or scrap book – I miss getting my fingers smeared with pritt stick and having a physical project book that never quite looked right! These days I just end up clogging my laptop up with dozens of open tabs in my browser, (which stay open for weeks) and then get frustrated when my laptop does an automatic update and closes everything.

Yeah, I could bookmark pages but isn’t that so last decade?! :p Plus I must have at least a thousand bookmarks none of which are particularly well organised. Sigh.

Flipboard is a kind of Pinterest but for word oriented people rather than visual people. It works on the basis of you creating ‘Magazines’ which are effectively a storage folder. You can ‘flip’ articles, blog posts or pictures into your magazines. You can title, rearrange and organise your magazines and articles however you like. It’s basically the ideal solution to storing those interesting blogs, pictures, research or articles you want to keep. It’s minimal effort, sleek, neat and can be visual for those who want it.  But more than anything, its tidy and doesn’t require hundreds of bytes of data to store.

They also have a ‘flip it’ button you can install onto your browser so that you can flip things from anywhere. They have apps for your devices and all the mod cons of a normal social media site, like the ability to follow other peoples’ magazines or general ‘topics’, of which there are thousands.

I am only just getting to grips with this little discovery, but it appears to be a bit of an (undiscovered to me) gem.

Have you heard of Flipboard? Do you use it? Like it? Let me know in the comments.


  1. It came already downloaded on my phone. I thought oh no not another social media site! Thats the last thing I need, so I have never even bothered to look at it, but maybe I should…

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    1. AHHH well, it’s an alternative to pinterest- im saving final judgement but for now I’m finding a useful place to store articles and research, I don’t necessarily browse what’s already on there though…. I guess it depends how much research or article reading you do…

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  2. I looked at Flipboard a couple of years ago and decided it held nothing for me, apart from a time-drain (much as I feel about Pinterest now). That was before I started writing, though, so maybe I should look at it again.

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    1. I don’t necessarily look at anything on it as much as I abuse it mostly for storing blogs and articles. I suppose for me it’s an alternative to pinterest as its article focused and an alternative to bookmarks. I do however ADORE pinterest so maybe it’s more of a winner to me? 😄

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  3. It gives me a daily news feed tailored to my interests (er, sport and, um, more sport… oh and a dash of UK politics) – it came with my Galaxy phone. Not realised t could be a storage dooffie too. Will consider (that’s a great name for a character..)

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      1. Now I BEG to differ. I had a Samsung once, I was lured to the plastic piece of crap once. And Boy was it the worst decision I could make. It was the Samsung SII or SII if I remember, it broke… Not once, not twice and not even three times. I had EIGHT brand new samsungs 8 months running. I shit you not. My phone company were doing their nut in the end. I lost all my data and pictures every month for almost a year.They gave me a galaxy note in the end because the S whatever it was kept breaking. I will NEVER ever ever stray from apple again. I am scarred! Bit like ur scarred from ur neighbours! 😜 just reading the post now. How is your memory that good? I can barely remember graduating let alone my next door neighbours!

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      2. I’m quite agnostic about phones tbh. My S4 is grand – no problems after 18mths except when I bounced it on a car park and the screen shattered; even then I used it over Christmas ok. Both kid are Apple devotees and I’ve had an ipad for yonks and love it. So quite understand where Samsung sends you into a tizzy. I’d be the same ball of gunk if that happened to me.

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    1. Thanks so much for the award Whitney what an honour I was gobsmacked will respond shortly 😄

      AHHH yes word doc, I have a habit of using scraps of paper or pinterest but I find it hard to use pinterest for articles 😢


  4. Thanks for the heads up on this, Sacha.

    I tend to add everything I want to read again, or to use as a reference, to my reading list on my iMac. However, Flipboard sounds really cool for me as, as much as I have tried, I just can not get on with Pinterest. However, I’ll also have to check out Pocket, as per the recommendation from Chris.

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    1. I don’t think I have met a single person who doesn’t like Pinterest, and now both you and Keith have said you can’t get on with it. I have to say, the one thing I didn’t put in this post, is that it is the pinterest but for boys. Everyone I know that uses it, is a boy!!! I don’t know why though?

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      1. Well now that you say that, I’m more determined to try Flipboard out now, Sacha.

        I don’t know what I have done with Pinterest but I keep getting emails from them with pin boards of ladies dresses. I wonder if they are trying to tell me something? 🙂

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  5. Thanks Sacha, and Geoff, for alerting me to this article. Flipboard sounds good. I must be so last century. I still do use bookmarks! I’ll have to check out Pocket too. Thanks for the suggestions in your article and through the comments.


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