Writing Challenge Entries #3


I have surprised myself this week with the quantity of challenges I managed to submit to. When I first started submitting them I struggled to do one or two, but I guess with practice the more you do them the quicker they become. This week I completed six and I even tried a new challenge, Ronovan’s Haiku challenge. I’ve never written a Haiku before either, so I completely failed the first attempt only putting 6 syllables in the second line, HA, attempt two saw me get it right… I think!

First up is Esther’s  weekly writing challenge – this week the challenge was to write a story in just 10 words:

“Push harder.” 

“Aaargh, I can’t.”

“Nearly there…”

“It’s a Boy.”

Esther did a second challenge in her Monday Motivation series this week. The challenge – can you write a short story, where the first sentence starts with A, the next B and so on, right throuigh to Z? Believe you me it was a toughy! But that may have been because I attempted it at 1am in the morning! Anyway, here was my attempt:

A long time ago in a land far far away there lived a hundred princesses, trapped by an evil queen.

“Beautiful princesses I think not,” the evil queen cried, “they shall never rule in my lands.”

“Couldn’t you reconsider your highness, the population grows smaller by the day,” shaking, the lowly servant bowed before her.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t want the land filled with flowers and frills and all things nice. Everything has to be dark, Harold, dark and fuelled by magic.”

“Flowers help our food to grow, we need them.”

“Get out, Harold, unless you are with me, you are against me.”

“Harry, your highness. It’s Harry.”

“Just because you have worked for me for a decade, don’t think I won’t punish your insolence.”

“King’s on his way ma’am,” Harry said making a hasty retreat.

“Louise, my dearest queen, I’ve missed you,” said the King.

“Manage to secure the Knights for the next mission?”

“No, I’m afraid not, my dear.”

“Oh, that IS a shame. Particularly because I have done my part in this evil plan.”

“Quite. Really, there’s no need for bragging though, I shall have them organised soon enough.”

“Should hope so too.” The queen reached for the vile of poison on the desk her lips curling into a menacing smile.

“Unnatural deaths for the princesses then?”

Violence flashed through her eyes. Wry smiles adorned both their mouths. X-ray vision hazed their vison with dozens of bloody princess deaths.

“You will join me my King, and we shall be victorious reigning in our dark land.”

Zigzagging across the room the King swirled the queen around in his arms and they cackled the night away.


Next up Charli Mills, and her wonderful Congress of Rough Writers, of which I am now a part of *squeal* :). Her fantastic challenges never fail to inspire, this week it was: March 18, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story to reveal a characters symptoms. It can be something the character is oblivious to, or terrified about. It can be a character concerned for a pet or a motorcycle. The symptoms can be what ails society. Go where the prompt leads. Or sleep on it, and see what a dream brings to you!

My challenge entry:

The End By Sacha Black

“Symptoms? These aren’t symptoms, Tyler, this is cause and bloody effect.”

I stooped to the ground picked up the scorched sand and let it fall through my gloved fingers. I scanned the horizon, now a permanently singed rainbow.

“I think it’s simply beautiful.”

“Beautiful? Are you insane? We are all going to die, Tyler. We were warned, no one listen, and now the oxygen is running out and there’s only sand left where crops should grow.” 

“Yes, but have you ever seen the Earth look so stunning? If this is it for humankind, then what a spectacular final image.”


Ronovan’s Haiku challenge involved using the words Foul and Sweet in the Haiku, and I was ‘happy’ to give it a go.

Foul was the turkey,

my sweet old nan cooked for me,

good grandson said, thanks.


Next up was Keith’s Kreative Kue 17, which was another photo, and my entry was:

Lost By Sacha Black

“What exactly do you mean by ‘we’re lost’,” I snapped, shoving my hand on my hip.

Reggie raised his eyebrow at me, and pouted.

“Which bit of ‘we’re sodding lost,’ did you not understand, Syra?”

“Well, why weren’t you following the map?”

His moustache rippled as he gritted his teeth. A red sheen started to cover his nose and cheeks, and I thought better than to point it out.

“Ok, so you followed the map,” I said tapping his arm as the red swelled to a deep purple, “but honestly darling, were in the middle of the dessert, weren’t we meant to be in in the capital city?”

“THAT’S BLOODY IT, your map reading the rest of the way.”


Finally, I thought I would include my own Writespiration challenge where the prompt was ‘What does love taste and sound like?’ my entry to my own challenge was!:

What is Love? By Sacha Black

“What does it feel like, Mama?”

“What does what feel like, Joseph?”


“Well,” I said picking him up and drawing him into my chest, “It’s warm and squidgy, and filled with cuddles and warmth. It sounds like glorious sunshine, and birds chirping in spring and sometimes like waves crashing on the sand.”

“Oh,” he said wriggling out of my arms. He frowned at me, and puckered his lips into a pout.

“What’s wrong, honey?”

“But, if love sounds like all of those things, then what does it taste of?”

I smiled to myself and planted a kiss on his forehead.

“What’s your favourite food?”

“Mama don’t be silly, you know it’s ice cream and marshmallows.”

“Then honey, I strongly suspect that love tastes of ice cream and marshmallows.”



  1. Wonderful Sacha! I especially love the 100 princesses story… very clever! I’ve never had the confidence to take part in these writing prompts. I’m sure they must be excellent for getting the old grey cells churning…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww Ali, you must take part, I post a writespiration every weds and I would not only be honoured if you took part but i would LOVE it. I have found that the blogging world is so supportive when it comes to encouraging each other, so wonderful when you think we are all competing in the same literary world. I found the first couple of challenges I took part in hard, because I had never done it before. I only used to do one a week, but after a few weeks, now they just vomit themselves onto the page!! and now I feel like I’m practicing writing too, which makes me feel more productive, and sometimes they even spark story ideas. 🙂


  2. You did great with the Haiku Challenge. And it’s a quick challenge. 🙂 And I am sooooo HAPPY you did it. I cannot tell you how big a smile I had when I saw you there. And now the smile is back. My face hurts now. . . again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thanks Ronovan eek I didn’t mean to make your face hurt, glad I made you smile though, I’m not convinced it was that good of a Haiku I hope the awful migrane from last week is subduing now they are truly awful things.


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