New Years Resolutions


I have tried on a number of occasions to set lots of objectives for the new year, and generally speaking failed, or taken two years to complete them!

However, I am going to set some resolutions anyway.

1. Read a book a month (trying to read more non-fiction)

2. Give £5 to charity every month. I actually started this in November, donating to Movember, and then to NaNoWriMo in December.

3. Finish a first draft of my novel

4. Spend more quality time with the wife and kid.

5. Get to my goal size… (this is the hardest, chocolate addiction is a hard one to break)

What are your New Years resolutions?


  1. Great resolutions! Good luck with them 🙂 Really enjoy your time with Atlas; they grow up so quickly. My ‘little’ one will be 14 in 2015 and I can still remember when she was a year old. The time flies. And of course, spending quality time with your wife is so important. Life often gets in the way. The other goals are great and achievable if you take them a step at a time 🙂


  2. Oh dear. My youngest will be 38 in a fortnight, the eldest is 44.

    I don’t do resolutions for the same reason I don’t make promises. However, I do have aspirations for 2015 and I shall do my uttermost to make them happen. They’ll be detailed on my weekly diary blog,, next Sunday. Good luck with yours – they’re all worthwhile and achievable (and I say that having dropped from 93kg to 70kg in 2013).


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