32 weeks – Breech Baby Blues

I am finally posting on time – I am half way to getting a post right – alas theres no photo this time – I will do that later in the week!

I have been meaning to write this post for a week or so but I just haven’t had the time – despite meaning to rest – every day after work and all my weekends seem to be booked – I don’t know how that happened…. and I still have lots of friends who I haven’t booked in to see before the birth. :s

There are lots of different types of Breech babies  – and depending on what type of Breech yours is – depends on what the midwives and docs will do.



I had my 31 week appointment and I don’t really know if I was surprised or not. But he is Breech – I was Breech until a couple of weeks before I was born and then I decided to casually turn my mother into a washing machine and flip head down ready and raring to go. So in some senses I kind of expected to be told that he was Breech – but I was also quite surprised because at the previous appointment – the midwife told me he was head down. I think she got it wrong because I haven’t felt him flip head up so I figure he was always head up and she was just wrong.

Now the thing that bothers me is that for me – I want as natural birth as possible – I have always said that from the start – I want a pool birth – I know ‘saying’ that is about as good as wishing upon a star once upon a time and all that bollocks – because once you go into labour anything – ANYTHING – can happen and you don’t know your own pain thresholds and stuff, but that is what I have been working towards – I took breathing classes and relaxation classes and all this kind of stuff in order to be able to work towards a natural birth… So.

31 week midwife appointment:

Midwife: “your babies Breech at the moment.”

Me: “ummm, ok – what does that mean for a natural birth?”

Midwife: “well, if he hasn’t flipped head down by your 36 week appointment, then we will send you for a scan at the hospital – that will tell us what sort of Breech he is. If his legs are down then you will have to have a C section, if his legs are up then you can attempt a natural birth but you won’t be allowed a pool birth I’m afraid. Also – when you have the scan in all likelihood – they will ask you to be admitted at some point after the scan and they will put you on a drip full of muscle relaxant and attempt to manipulate your stomach into pushing him head down.”

It was at this point I wanted to cry, I could feel my bottom lip quivering and tears burning the back of my eyes as I struggled to maintain some level of stiff British upper lip.

Me: “oh, ok, thank you.”

Midwife: “have you got any more questions?”

Me: ” no……(deep swallow) not at the minute….. well I guess  do you have any positions or exercises I can do to help?”

So – after intensive research I have been spending inordinate amounts of time upside down, and dancing about on the birth ball – swimming and underwater hand stands this weekend… :s… I shit you not! – watch the you tube videos!!

I had some sad news this week – my friends first IVF cycle failed, my heart really went out to her, I am gutted for her – I could feel the familiar burning pain that engulfs your whole being when a cycle fails. She doesn’t know I blog, but I am thinking of you all the same… I hope you have the strength to do another cycle. xx


  1. 32 weeks!? Are you kidding me!? I am so excited for you… But I will wait to be super excited until you get that baby flipped around! He still has plenty of time to turn! Hopefully he will cooperate for mommy. 🙂
    I am so sorry for your friend. Do you know if she had any frozen embryos?


    1. Yeh she has 7 so that’s good news 🙂 I KNOW though how did 32 weeks happen???? Time has literally slipped away from me all my routines have fallen out the window – I blame the dissertation! Everything went to shit once I started that!! Haha.

      I need to catch up on ur blog before ur little bubba turns into a fully fledged toddler!

      How are u anyway? How’s motherhood? X


      1. Motherhood is AWESOME!! I am so in love with this little girl. I cannot wait for your to experience it! Once the first few weeks of utter insanity pass, you will fall into your own special routine and you will LOVE IT! I hope you get to stay home with your little man??


      2. How do you mean stay at home? I have about 6 months of maternity leave from work booked….

        Aww am glad your enjoying it 🙂 I cannot believe she is three months old when did that happen the last three months have just disappeared for me! X


      3. 6 months?? You definitely do not live in the U.S.! 12 weeks at most here and some professions only get 6!) I was asking if you get to quit whatever work you are doing to be a stay at home mom, but six months is great!
        I would like to say time has flown by, but honestly the first few months were tough with the no sleep thing! It’s going by a little faster now though! She still isn’t a great sleeper, but our routine is much more normalized… and that makes all the difference!


      4. 12 weeks…. Do u get paid for all of it?? Cause its variable here – your allowed to take a year off work but you don’t get paid.

        I’m lucky and I get some occupational work pay and a bit that the government gives working mums but it only amounts to about 50% of my wages so I figured 6months was the longest I could stay off work because the wife can’t cover us both indefinitely….

        Wow so are u a stay at home mum now? How amazing – def jealous, we can’t afford to do that 😦 x


      5. Some places give you 12 full weeks of pay, but some only get 6 weeks of pay and have to take the other 6 unpaid. Crazy. Babies definitely aren’t ready to be away from mommies at six weeks!
        Yes, I am stay at home and incredibly lucky to be!


    1. Oh wow your just a week ahead of me! I’m 32 weeks today 🙂 ahh breech is such a pain – I hope urs does turn in time swimming is meant to help – I’ve just not had a chance to go yet!! X


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