24 weeks – the big 6 months

Guna be totally rubbish this week – next week and probably the week after. I currently have 10 days and 9000 words left to write of my dissertation. I can barely think straight let alone blog – so just a belly update this week folks…

These shots were taken first thing this morning so actually bang on date this time!!! haha.

IMG_2555 IMG_2556


      1. Very well! I am absolutely in love with my little one. I know everyone says that, but it’s so true once they are here. I will tell you to enjoy all your time before the little one gets here though! Free time involves sitting and watching your baby sleep. haha


      2. haha aww, thats kind of lovely though! I think i am still in denial at the moment – my life is very centered around getting my masters finished in time and the babies room prepped and everything brought! i dont think the reality of how tired/covered in sick/pee and poo i am going to be has kicked in yet! I like the sound of being totally wrapped up and loving your baby though! 🙂 sounds like a pretty nice place to be in! 😀 x


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