Week 22 – attack of the stretch mark



This is my 22 week shot – few days late – but the photo was taken at the right time.

This week has spelt the first onslaught of stretch marks. I want to cry. I have been feverishly rubbing Bio Oil into my skin a minimum of once a day and most of the time twice a day when I remember. I have tried to stay hydrated and done all the things i can. But I have two dots appearing on one hip one on the other, and the start of a very faint stretchmark in the middle of my stomach. I am so upset.

I am not massively vane or anything but I do try to take care of myself, and I like to look and feel good, and this was the one thing I was terrified about. I know theres nothing I can do but I was so desperate for this not to happen, that now having this many start appearing im not only horrified, but can feel myself getting really upset and down about it. I dont want to feel unattractive, and no matter how many of those face book posts showing a heavily scarred bellys and beautiful poems or statements about love and babies – it doesn’t help. I feel ugly and unattractive, and then guilty because I should be grateful I even got pregnant.



  1. We are on the same wavelength today for sure. I was thinking about my stretch marked belly while I was showering this morning. I decided that all of those posts with pictures of a stretch marked belly and the words “battle scars” (or some crap like that) is crazy. They are annoying purple lines running all across your belly and they just stare at you when you look at them. Not only that, but once you have your baby (maybe even now) you’ll be able to feel how the skin is broken and thin.
    I am hoping that with a lot of hard work, and maybe some miracle cream I read about, that I will one day be able to see them fade away. Maybe not completely, but maybe enough to forget they are there.
    I don’t think it makes you a bad person for hating that they are there. You know how grateful I am to be able to have a baby, and I still hate my stretch marks! It comes with the territory, but we don’t have to be excited or pleased about them! 🙂


    1. Yeh in so glad it’s not just me. One of my friends was like oh yeh but it’s inevitable… Blah blah. And I was like YEAH AND?? Is that supposed to make me feel better?! She’s some tiny rake too with an athletic figure that won’t ever see a shred of cellulite ya know? Just make me more upset. Did u get many stretch marks?

      What miracle cream did u read about? It’s not bio oil is it?? I wonder if i can get it in the UK?? Are u getting much sleep? X


      1. I actually read about a cream you make. I think it has shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E? I will have to see if I pinned it on Pinterest. I have no time to make it yet!
        I didn’t start getting stretch marks until 38 weeks!!! NOT FAIR! I really thought I was in the clear by then. They are all alone the bottom of my belly under my belly button. Super cute. 😉 And they aren’t always inevitable either! I have quite a few friends who never got any. Not sure how they escaped them!


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