17 weeks



17 weeks… Honestly, where is the time going?

Well anyway, I thought I would add a couple of shots of the belly – although the skin one looks bigger it isn’t I had to crop loads out so its just zoomed in more.

So when I spoke to the midwife she said that the reason I have a belly already is because my uterus has moved up. She was surprised about how quick it had move and how far up it was for how far gone I am. And hence the whale like proportions already!!

I figure that I can’t have much room inside me and that’s why it’s moving so quick. My mum barely showed at all because she has such deep hips 3 weeks before she was due to give birth people were only just telling that she was pregnant!! But I was breach apparently!

So what else has happened symptom wise:

1. I had a hormonal surge which turned me into a monster for about 36 hours – poor wife – nuff said!

2. Had some ridiculous cravings for curry and ate it a lot…! I even considered it for breakfast one day. When I started thinking it was a good idea to put grated cheese on top I scalded myself and promptly gave up eating it!

3. The headaches days and days of headaches

4. The belly button change – now it hasn’t popped I have a very deep set button (or inny whatever u call it) and I’m not sure it will pop out but it has certainly started to go quishy and change! That’s the best description I have at the minute!

5. Sciatic bloody nerve. I’ve been referred for physio and currently waddle like I’m in the third trimester! I’m not – I’m just in pain! A lot of pain.

6. The left hand side – of my WHOLE body is starting to fall apart – my knee is agony my foot is excruciating. I’m guessing all linked to the sciatic nerve.

7. Boobs – I thought the boob ache was over but apparently they are STILL growing – I had to buy another bra today one that is TWO cup sizes up from my original size 😦 and was slightly depressing if I’m honest.

8. Popping – so the midwife said that because my uterus had moved already I may feel something sooner than later… I’m not so sure because I’m only 17 weeks and the average is 18-22…. That being said, I have felt some funny things this week hard to describe… But…. You know when u have gas and u feel a bubble sort of role and pop, well it felt a bit like that… I didn’t have gas at the time… So I am not sure. I was expecting “butterfly’s” as that what everyone says it feels like… This felt more like having my stomach squeezed on the inside!

9. I brought a pregnancy yoga video, which hasn’t turned up yet, but will do hopefully tomorrow, and I booked on to an aquanatal class starting the end of the month- and brought a swimming costume. I need to do something active I’m going nuts here. Going for dog walks with my friend 3 times a week isn’t cutting it.

10. Baby brain – I can’t remember shit. Not a thing. And my head is seriously full, of fuzz and static, I can’t put anything else new into it.

That’s it, I can’t think of any more updates so I will post again shortly!!


  1. Lovely bump darling.. and yep crying from laughter again.. the gas comment.. omg.. I can barely seee the screen… LMAO


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