Baby Beat


Baby heartbeat

I had my 16 week midwife appointment last week. It was wicked, I got to hear the heartbeat – and in fact I recorded it on my phone, and I am hoping that this works:

Hopefully that is an audio player that will play the heart beat! If so – enjoy šŸ™‚

The appointment went swimmingly – all apart from the horrendous fact that – my midwife’s HOT… like really hot! I am going to be so so embarrassed when she comes to check on us the day after the babies born and she has to show me the ins and outs of breast feeding! or worst… has to check I’m ‘healing’ I am going to die!! lol. It really is going to be one of those “awkward moments when…”

Of course the wife found this all hilarious -and is now going book leave just to come to the next appointment so she can judge my taste!! haha.


  1. Are you seriously 16 weeks already?! WOW! šŸ™‚ Amazing!
    Luckily I’ve never had a super hot “down below” doctor before. haha I can imagine that would be quite awkward! I do love that your wife thinks it’s funny and isn’t jealous! haha


    1. I’m actually 17 weeks on Thursday!! How the hell did that happen!! I can’t believe your about to drop! Time just flies!! I think I started reading ur blog when u were 17 weeks!!! How crazy is that!! šŸ™‚ so excited to hear all about ur bub!! Xx


    2. Oh and yeh haha were not the jealous type were comfortable knowing we will never go anywhere else! So we can joke about who we think is hot!! ;p and seriously it’s going to be well awkward!! X


  2. I am an emotional man.. first I damn near cried when I heard the baby’s heart beat and it isn’t even my baby lol.. then I did cry from laughing when you were talking about the hotness of your midwife..


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