You Know Your Pregnant When…

SO, the whole denying that I am pregnant is becoming increasingly difficult… I wanted to share with you some reasons why I cant really deny I am pregnant any more…

1. You know your pregnant when… You ask your partner for the 20th day running if you look pregnant or fat in this outfit, and they no longer answer, they just roll their eyes and stay silent!

2. You know your pregnant when… you get up for the 5th time in the night to do a pee…



3. You know your pregnant when another one of your inconsiderate mates asks you if you got ‘fat’ yet and you want to punch them in the face instead of correcting them.



4. You know your pregnant when… you exclaim that you have nothing in your wardrobe and for once its true, because everything is too tight.

5. You know your pregnant when… you’ve eaten curry for the third time this week and your wondering if you can get away with eating it for breakfast.




6. You know your pregnant when… you have just made curry and think that putting grate cheese on it seems like a good idea.

7. You know your pregnant when… you develop narcoleptic tendencies at completely inappropriate times – like the middle of a meeting.



8. You know your pregnant when… you sat at your office desk all day, and when you get into bed your feet are STILL swollen.

Thought I would share these little delights that I am going through at the moment, and are keeping me amused!


  1. a friend is pregnant and she goes to the bathroom all the time it is crazy. so curry you are the first pregnant women that I know that like curry intersting


  2. When I was pregnant with my oldest I could not eat any meat.. the smell of it would make me sick.. All I could eat were fruits and veggies.. oh and snow crab legs and I lost my love for Pepsi.. I could only drink clear sodas , water, and juices.


    1. I didn’t realise you had been pregnant – thought Angel had carried. Clearly I am half asleep at the moment! I had to cook lamb last night for the wife. I was wretching it was VILE. I mean really smelt like putrid rotting flesh. I seem to be ok with the drinks – although I dont really drink fizzy drinks I am allergic to something in fanta, and its put me off!


      1. Yep, one day.. when I was single.. I decided I wanted a baby.. found a man.. got pregnant.. glad it only took one time.. I threw up afterwards.. lol.. our second child is the result of a rape.. the man brought a friend who held a gun to my daughter’s head while he raped me cus he knew I would have tried to kill him.. so I gave birth to the first two.. she gave birth to the third one.. tho I swear they all game from her genes.. beautiful children..


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