Baby Bump -10wks 3 days vs. 5week bloat!

Well, I am so glad I took a photo shortly after I found out…. I am not sure how I have rounded so quick, but seeing the two photos next to each other!! No wonder nothing fits me! This baby’s going to be a bloody whale!!!

First photo is me feeling bloated at about 5ish weeks

The second one is me in a bikini This morning at 10 weeks 3 days.

I honestly didn’t think that my body would change so quickly, I have been feeling like I was fat and must of put on weight but actually comparing the photos I see that my belly is round and not just flabby.

I feel better….

For all those commenting… Be nice I am fragile today!!



  1. Hot and pregnant. (Not meaning to sound pervy lol but I mean… you look just fine) and yeah hot. I know, you’re supposed to say blossoming, radiant or something baby-appropriate 🙂

    Have you had any cravings for strange things yet lol?


    1. Lol thanks 🙂 *blush* I really don’t feel radiant when I’m hurling my face off in some car park/sink/toilet/grassy patch! But fingers crossed that’s nearly over!

      Nope, cravings are about the only symptom I haven’t had. I wanted sausages for a couple days which as a veggie is weird but then they made me feel sick so that stopped almost as soon as it started! Ice or anything ice cold is the only thing I’ve eaten a lot of and it’s cause it stops me feeling sick! But no, alas no gherkin cravings or anything weird! Xx


  2. That bump is awesome! I showed real fast like that too. Yours is the perfect shape, and at least now strangers will know you are knocked up and not just burgered up 😉


    1. Ahh really? That’s really reassuring, I couldn’t understand why I was “showing” so fast, it didn’t make sense as everything I read said you didn’t show till like 16 weeks or so. Thanks for commenting you have made me feel better 🙂 xx


      1. Yeah have a look at my Up Close pictures for the wedding ones of me and you’ll see my bump at 8 weeks, mind you I got pregnant 2 mths after I lost my first and my body seemed to ‘blossom’ shall we say very quickly. I went from a 10c bra to a 12DD on my wedding day!


      2. I can’t access the close up photos cause I need a password… 😦 woah, that’s a huge jump! My boobs have gone up a cupsize already!! Sorry that you lost a baby I can’t imagine what you must of gone through 😦 xx


      3. I lost two at 12 weeks within a 5 month period. It sucked big time.

        If you email me at pepibebeblogger at gmail dot com I’ll send the password.


  3. You have an adorable baby bump- enjoy it and show it off, girl! You look great!! I’d take that baby bump any day! :). Btw- been reading for a few weeks- love your writing and your story. So happy for you and your love. Enjoy every (non-pukey) moment!!


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 for saying so many lovely things, and for taking the time to stick with my story. It’s such a compliment when someone enjoys your blog and comes back, so thank you. I have so little experience of baby bumps I guess I just didn’t realise that I looked pregnant and not fat! But thanks to everyone’s lovely comments I feel a million percent better and much happier to walk around pleased with my bump than worried about covering it. Thanks again 🙂 xx


    1. Yeh I was a bit unsure about posting it because I wasn’t ever stick thin even before pregnancy and now at 11 weeks I am pretty big already… :s thanks for the moral support I will keep doing them. How far along are you now? X


  4. Hey!!! Im so happy to see everything is coming along nicely. Just catching up on the last few weeks worth of blogs but that is an awesome little bump youv got going on there. Without trying to sound pervy or anything there is something pretty hot about a woman with a pregnancy bump. It just shows a woman is giving her body selflessly to bring new life into the world. It is a perfectly shaped little bump 🙂 I hope you and the Mrs are doing well and you’ll soon be coming through the hurling stage.
    Stay safe 🙂 x


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