All Things Pregnancy

5 weeks 6 days

So I seem to have acquired a pretty hefty backlog of blogs I owe myself and other fellow bloggers, so I will sit here tonight and write them and set them to upload over the next few days…

So pregnancy…

Anyone else ever experience denial? I think its the shock, I just cant seem to accept the fact I am pregnant. I just cant believe it, I mean part of me does obviously. I duno it is just so surreal…

I mean I have now done 18…. 18 pregnancy tests… a little psycho I know…



That was this mornings… the test line is now darker than the control line…. mental, I look at these tests every morning and just think, how am I creating positive pregnanct tests!!

My boobs STILL hurt, I mean they are so fricking huge now I literally need a hammock to carry these bazungers around!! Genuinely, the below photo is how big a bra I need now!! no joke!!



I am tired, but not like I was, instead I seem to be experiencing constant bloating, and some serious aversions to certain smells. The other Mrs. Black, bleached the whole house the other night and tidied whilst I finished an essay, then when she came over to me, her hands stunk like something so vile, I cant even explain it, when I asked her what it was, she said bleach!! BLEACH?? I used to love the smell of bleach….

Well apparently not! she continued to waft her hands around me, so I promptly threw up!! That will learn her!!

Other than that, no major symptoms, a little cramping but nothing major.

I decided that I wanted to book in two early scans, so I am having a 7 week scan, and a 10 week scan. The 10 week scan mostly because we are going to Gran Canaria pride, and I want to know that our baby is ok just before we go, and also because if some of our friends find out, at 10 weeks with a couple of scans behind us, I am hoping it will be ok. I asked the midwife and she said it would be fine, and thats before we even have an official NHS scan, but I am a little more realistic than that and want some proof… I guess I am just anxious to know everythings alright. It feels like everywhere I look people are talking about miscarriage. My sister in law had a mis-miscarry which means she didn’t know, which I just cant think of anything worst, so I want an early scan to make sure everything is ok, to reassure us. Thats not crazy is it?

WhenI got in from work this evening though… it all became a little too official… we have a booking appointment… to see a real midwife, and I have a green booklet…. for all my pregnancy information and appointments….

Maternity Letter


Forgive me, I removed all the identifying information…. but


When am I going to stop being in denial???

I guess its because I dont want to get too excited until we get the all clear… role on May 18th…


  1. It will become more real when your belly starts to actually look like a pregnancy belly and not a bloat belly. The nausea and smell aversions are great signs though. The sore boobs… I feel your pain on those too. I am officially on the biggest bra a normal store will sell, and I can only wear it for a while before it starts digging into me. I’ve also recently had to buy new underwear for my ever increasing thighs and buttocks. haha
    It’s all very exciting and fun though! Promise! Once the nausea and smell thing goes away, it’s a breeze….. except for the back pain… but it’s still fun! PROMISE!
    Early scans are a great idea. You can never have too many checkups in my opinion! I would have one every week if they’d let me. 🙂


    1. Yeh that’s true I am hating the bloat belly!! I’m glad they are good signs! Things are smelling and tasting pretty bad but the nausea isn’t too bad it comes and goes. But the boobs are the worst. Woah your in the biggest size? Oh my gosh mine started out huge so I really really hope they don’t get any bigger!! Or at least not too big. I’m so stubborn I’m still wearing wonder bras! I refuse to wear maternity bras until the absolute last minute when I have to breast feed! But like you on occasions they can dig in!! And they are absolutely enormous now!! I don’t really understand why we have to put weight on other than the baby… Why can’t we just stay our size and only put on baby weight?! #sigh yeh well I am terrified so I needed to have the earliest scan possible just to make sure everything was right… Just to be safe I wouldn’t want to wait till 12 weeks to find out you know? But fingers crossed everything’s fine and babies growing well.

      My sister in law had a tarot reading the other day… I’m not too sure what I think of them but this is funny and I meant to include this in the blog…. The tarot reader said OHH your sisters having twins… I said to my wife TAKE THAT BACK!! OMG can you imagine? I really really can’t!! I don’t know what I would do! :s xx


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