It’s Definitely a BFP! :)

Ok, as if I haven’t peed on enough sticks I decided to do three tests this morning just to make sure… They were all positive!! Here’s the clear blue and first response… Both positive. I wonder when I’ll be able to stop testing!! I am in disbelief



      1. If you don’t want to then it’s alright. Last thing I want is to upset you and the baby πŸ™‚

        I just had an epiphany… Normal Sacha is an angry person… What will we expect from pregnant Sacha?? πŸ™‚


      2. Haha, I know!! oh god, angry pregnant lesbian!! we’re all in trouble!! no I am sure I will become much less angry!! no no I definitely want to answer them, just been busy! πŸ™‚


  1. Congratulations to you and your wife!!!! I’m really happy for you guys and happy they turned out pink and stayed pink!

    I hate writing stuff on my phone. It always deleted stuff off. I just have to wait until I get on the laptop. I cant be dealing with it lol.
    Now youv got ur BFP just try and sit back a bit more and relax. Leave Google alone as well. It’ll only make you worry unnecessarily. You are quite right about blogging being like free therapy. I do like the anonymity. I don’t have to worry about any back lash if iv said anything that may offend or people close to me being upset by anything I put here and not speak to them about. There’s just some things I don’t want the people close to me knowing about but I still need to get it off my chest. It helps me. The wife is just very quiet and dosnt like to talk to people where as it helps me. I suppose that’s one way were different but it works for us. Blimey this is a tad weird. I’m also 26. The wife is 27. And yes we are in the UK. How have you found the NHS. Have they helped you at all or do you find yourself doing everything privately or off your own back. I have not heard of anyone else over here that are in lesbian relationships and with fertility issues. It just seems to go so easily for ever one else. The majority of people we know are straight couples and cant seem to get in into there head that we don’t have the luxury of sperm on tap and struggle to get pregnant. Where as there pumping out like 4 kids without a care in the world. I just don’t think they fully understand whats involved.
    I am hoping that after the scan and bloods they will prescribe us chlomid or something. Its not looking too good though. I wasnt able to go to the last Dr appointment because my boss is a wanker but the Dr asked my wife if we had spoken about the possibility of me carrying. so to me that’s not good news and me may know something more than hes letting on.She did quite clearly tell him that it was’nt really an option for us as she wants to carry and I don’t. Yes I want a child but I dont want to be pregnant. And I’m not ready to have that close of a relationship with my vagina. And plus I honestly think I would struggle to conceive. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries about 4 years ago. But we just have to wait for the second set of bloods to be done and scan so we know what were dealing with.
    Were not going to Gran Can in May. Were off to the US to see my family. That would be too freaky if we were going over there. I would love to go to a pride though. Never managed to get to one.
    Wow I’m sorry for the lengthy reply and probably boring you have to tears.
    But from the bottom of my heart CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and keep everyone updated on your progress.
    Stay safe and relax!


    1. No I loved the long reply πŸ™‚ It’s really nice to know other couples, who are strangely similar to us!!! my wife is 26 and a half!! how funny!! Its really really nice to know other lesbians who are going through what we are going through. It’s just so uncommon. For some reason, all the lesbians I know don’t commit, or get married, or have kids until they are older! First things first, do not worry about your doctor asking your partner if you would carry. Every doctor we have had asked us, I asked why they ask, and they said its just routine. So don’t worry, it doesn’t mean anything untoward. I know, I really really have to avoid google now!! I will try hard too, but I guess now, I will be constantly worried about every twitch and spasm!! haha. Yeh, I love the anonymity, Sacha, is just my pseudonym, I will publish (hopefully) my novel under Sacha, but thats precisely why I blog, because I need to talk, and my wife doesn’t!! So strange the similarities!! She only wants to talk about things once, and then she’s done! whereas I like to talk about everything lots, and from different angles, I love the process of writing too, helps me process my emotions. Ok, the NHS… well, GP very good, although limited knowledge, referred us for IVF straight away. But IVF and the NHS in general are a bit of a postcode lottery. Were near to London, and basically really really lucky. Our postcode seems to be a winner. But what I did find difficult, was that they were taking me as a ‘single’ women. which is ridiculous because i am not single. but thats just the words and formality we had to go through. But we decided to go to Denmark in the mean time. Mostly, because they didn’t give me long, and it would have been six months between being referred and NHS IVF. Which considering I supposedly only had a year or two, I didnt like the sound of. So we went privately to Denmark where we had treatment and all our IUIs, not only are they like a third of the price of anywhere in the UK, but they are so equality driven, the wife had to sign a piece of paper consenting for me to have treatment because in their words “they are making a baby for our family” was so lovely, they even let her press the syringe on our first IUI. I know what you mean about straight couples, they just don’t always understand how costly it can be and then the pressure and stress that can put on us. Although I have found a lot of comfort and friendship with straight women who are going through fertility issues. As all the emotions seem the be the same.

      I will follow your progress closely too, as I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope its something simple, and can be easily resolved with clomid :).

      Haha, that would of been too funny if you were going to gran can!! haha. Well holidays always help to relax you, which is good for the body. Keep your wifey safe and healthy. Is she taking folic acid and stuff? I took pregnacare for 3 months prior to starting treatment πŸ˜€ obviously worked a charm!!



      1. I keep trying to tell myself that the Dr asking that would just be routine but since my wife told me it just keeps popping up in my head. We hav’nt really talked about me carrying to be honest. It’s just one of those things we’v always know that she would be the one to carry. It’s some thing shes always wanted to do since she was young. Its just a frustrating agonising waiting game now I guess.
        We only know of one other lesbian couple with a child in the area. We dont know them to talk to. Its just some one you see around but they are a bit younger than us and I don’t like the method they used to conceive but who am I to judge. All the other lesbians we know are pretty much like the ones you seem to know. Not really interested in settling down yet or there either older with children from previous straight relationships.
        See I blog because I find it easier to wright down my feelings rather than have a physical conversation. I don’t know why that is but I seem to get tongue tied and nothing comes out right. But I can sit on here and write a million different answers for the same question and come to my own kind of clarity on something now my wife can talk until the cows come home but had issues with sharing things with strangers. I just find it easier that way and I think there’s less judgement on sites like this. At home I’m more of the strong quiet type but I do need to vent every now and again. I’m like a swan really. Graceful and together on the surface but paddling like mad underneath.
        We live in Cambridgeshire. Now the first Dr we went to basically didn’t want to know. We asked him to be put forward funding. He did half heartedly apply for us but that came back as a no he didn’t want to hear any more on the subject. He was quite clearly a religious man and basically wouldnt push for it because of his personal views. Obviously this is ethically wrong but who are we to stand up to him. We have just started seeing a new Dr and he is brilliant. We thought we were going to have more of the same as when we first went to see him found out he was again Indian but he is absolutley brilliant. He even said himself that the end result would be for him to help us try and have a baby. We shall wait and see. I do have faith in this guy though. If we still don’t get joy were going to have to look at doing it privately. We had a consultation a while back at a private clinic and they were quoting like Β£2500 for basically one go. We just could’nt come up with that kind of cash. But we do have a lovely donor who has an amazing sperm count and he seems to be getting people pregnant left, right and center. We’ll get through it.
        Gosh don’t get me started on the vitamins. She takes pregnacare when were trying. If we don’t have pregnacare shes on a folic acid tabled and alos a vitamin d I beleive with added calcium. I loose track of all the vitamins she want to be on so I just produce the bank card and let her go mad when she wants them. Its all going to help.
        You enjoy your holiday and make sure your wifey waits on you and looks after you. Let us know if the book gets published.
        KEEP OFF GOOGLE!!!
        Take it easy and enjoy this time together.


      2. If it’s ok, I am going to reply to this by email… your email linked to your account comes up on my dashboard, and it will be easier for me to talk to you πŸ™‚


      3. wordpress does it automatically for you, whenever someone leaves a comment you see their email address!! I am emailing as we speak. will take a little while, as I am writing an essay! lol. :p


    1. Aaaah!!! Thank you I know I’ve had a feeling for a few days which is why I didn’t post as I didn’t want to jinx myself! I’m soooo excited!! I don’t really know what to do with myself!! Xx


      1. I will!! I am still nervous at the moment obviously until I reach 12 weeks and it’s all safe. But I’m so excited and in shock!! i just can’t believe it worked!! Words aren’t doing me justice today! Not at all!!


    1. Hehehe!! I bet they wondered what on earth was going on!!! But thaaaank you!!! Everyone has been so lovely and supportive on here!! We actually can’t believe it yet!! We’re so excited an happy! πŸ™‚ xxx


      1. Because I’ve had two losses they do early ultrasounds for extra monitoring. I’m not sure if it’s for the doctor’s peace of mind, or mine (or both?), but I’m not complaining.

        Between my RE and my high risk doctor (because of my blood pressure) I’m going to have a lot of early ultrasounds. I’d certainly rather not need the extra monitoring, but I’ll take it. πŸ˜‰


      2. Oh I see. Well that’s good that they are taking really really good care of u though. Better to be safe than sorry. And I’m sure a relief for u too.

        I still haven’t stopped peeing on sticks!! I can’t quite get my head round it!! Haha.


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