The Great Dane and Sacha’s Flower!

Well that’s it! I have been inseminated!…. AGAIN. Roll on the tortuous two week wait!!

This is a photo of the waiting room


I called the post the Great Dane because every time we get inseminated the sperm seems to come from someone enormous!! First time they were 6″4 this time 6″2. Am I just destined to have a HUGE baby?!

The midwife said it was a perfect insemination! Whatever that means. But this cycle I decided to put the neurotic obsessive Sacha to bed and just chill out. If it works it works if it doesn’t ill try again. I think knowing IVF is only a few months away helps. But either way I have been sociable and also started rock climbing in the past couple of weeks. I just decided that I had to stop letting it take over my entire life. I was starting to get really unhealthy about the whole situation and it wasn’t good for my mental state. Anyway as a result I feel way more positive about this insemination. All we have done is laugh and joke today and we are both a lot more hopeful that it might (big might) work. Anyway suffice to say this isn’t going to consume me… Well at least not today anyway!!

The midwife was hilarious she decided to have a full blown conversation with the wife through my legs whilst I was just hanging out there!! FooFoo on full display… Needless to say I felt pretty awkward. More so though when she then wiped away excess lubricant from my nether regions!! I mean I know they are being nice and doing their job but… I can wipe my own whatsit!!

Even though ive had my noonoo out a million times since January this was all a bit much for me!! Maybe I’m just too British, these European countries seem so much more liberal about nudity and such like!!

Anyway after it was all done she just sat there talking through my legs… I was like umm should I move?! She was like that’s up to you!! Haha. I guess my bits are just like all the other bits she sees day in and day out! Guess it was just me feeling awkward then!

Anyway… Here’s to 14 days of torture!! ;p


  1. The room I was inseminated in had two doors and of course the dr forgot something and walked out of the room leaving the door facing my up in the air whonanny out for all can see! I think they are a bit to comfortable in their jobs lol


  2. Wow, your waiting room is so much nicer than ours! I’m a private patient at an NHS clinic… we briefly considered going to Denmark, but didn’t think it would be practical. Our donor is Danish, though. πŸ™‚

    I hope you’re surviving the 2ww OK and that you get your BFP!


    1. Ohh wow! Well were only going to Denmark because its cheaper than the UK an IUI over there is 460 and in London is like over 1000. Even my flights are only 100-150. So it’s totally worth it for me!

      I am going through the NHS for IVF though. I am just on one of the endless waiting lists waiting for stuff to happen!! The whole getting pregnant just seems to be one long wait!!

      The 2WW is ok, yesterday was a bad day though! Just desperate to know. I don’t think I have ever experienced more frustration!!

      Thanks for following and reading πŸ™‚


      1. It’s definitely one big long wait! Waiting lists, waiting for funds, waiting to get your period / ovulate / POAS, waiting for test results, and that’s not to mention the waiting room…

        We’re in the wrong part of the UK for cheap flights to Denmark, so it’s only slightly more expensive to do it here, and we decided the convenience was worth it. Our local NHS won’t fund IVF unless I’ve had six unsuccessful cycles of IUI. 😦 Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!


      2. What part of the UK are you in? They have put me straight through for IVF but they said I might only have a year left to try as my AMH is so low hence them putting me through straight away. I can’t believe it I was only 25 when I found out! So are you having to pay for 6 IUIs? I think we get 3 IVF cycles… But by the time we get to IVF it might be too late the damn wait is so long hence trying IUIs in the mean time. I totally agree though constant waits. What’s POAS?


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