F is for…


I am stewing in a pot of frustration and ‘feeling sorry for myself’.

I am frustrated with the wait. NHS appointment isn’t until the 26th Feb, when we find out if we are eligible for funding, but I am pretty sure we won’t be.

I ovulate before then… so I would lose another chance to get pregnant by waiting for the appointment. But  if we go and I am pregnant then i will get spat out the system and not get the funding anyway. What happens if i miscarry or something awful?

So I have to decide do I take the risk and go to Denmark or do I wait and then be pissed off if the NHS wont treat me?

If I go to Denmark then its going to cost. Like 600 quid cost.

I am already in debt cause of the wedding, which I am trying to pay back but it just seems to keep piling on. Plus we will have to move at some point, as we live in a 1 bed, and we cant do that with a baby. (I know theres plenty of time to move, i’m just saying I need to factor it in.)

Moving requires a 1500 quid deposit.

Plus, my car broke last night. Fuel pump. That’s another 250-300 I don’t have that I need to shell out for.

I honestly don’t know why I am being dealt so much shit. This has to be the single worst start to a year I have ever had.

I’ve put weight on ( I know that’s my fault – but seems to be a vicious cycle at the moment)

and, I am falling behind on my studies, because I am constantly trying to fire fight.

I really need to be given a break.

I can feel the weight of everything pushing me down… somewhere dark. My head is falling back into it’s safetynet of depression.

I feel like a failure.


  1. Damn. Terrific drawing for a maddening state of affairs. I have no platitudes to offer that won’t make you want to punch me…so I wish you the resilience and energy to get through this mess. And you will, because what’s the alternative?
    Keep on drawing…


    1. ahh, I wish it were my drawing! I am no where near that good! but thank you anyway!! lol. Alas it was stolen from google, but I thought it represented my frustration! I’ll draw it myself next time! :p x


      1. D’oh! Sorry about that little misstep on my part. I’m only paying attention 12% of the time. Great choice nonetheless….I bet your take would be cool.


  2. I feel ya here.. I do.. different situations, but deals with money as well.. Why do the Gods not look at us and say.. hey.. lay off that one for a bit.. let it come up for air….. it is only the right thing to do.


  3. Hello! and I am not helping my scanner mess up and can not sen d you the photo :(…my car mess up around Christmas too, it seem like life throws you things at the same times sometimes and we feel like that drawing too. Hope things get better.


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