Macro Sach

Recently found a little attachment lens for my iPhone. It was only £20 bit of an extravagance but I had demolished a disposable camera and was using one of the lenses and holding it in front of the camera in order to take macro shots so I decided to buy it.

It takes macro (close up) and semi fish eye (wide angle) photos.

All photos have been taken on my iPhone 5, some of them have been edited on Instagram but all on the iPhone. I’m kind of impressed for a £20 lens from a clothing store!!

Here are some of my shots…













  1. I saw one of these too… looked like a cheap gadget at a furniture store… I thought it was crap, didn’t buy it… Yours seem to be really very efficient… 🙂


    1. Hello, yes, its not exactly a massive lens, I should have put a photo of it up, it just kind of clips on. I couldnt believe that it took such fantastic photos considering I brought it from topshop! But thank you for the compliment. I am now thinking of buying a proper, purpose built macro lens! 🙂


      1. I havent so far, but I recently started renting an art studio. So I am hoping once the summer comes and its a bit warmer I will do. Although its such a terrifying prospect! Ohh I am going to have a look at the website 🙂


      2. Well I think that one sold for approx. £80 (including commission for the festival etc.)
        Rain Through Me and Woman are still unsold though!
        If you wanted a place to start, it’s a great festival – we had people from all over last time!


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