Sacha’s School Boy ‘novel’ Error

Ok, so I am prone to having epiphanies about all manner of things, but this one was particularly useful….

I was driving… I usually am with these sorts of things, which makes it more annoying because I cant write things down whilst driving…

Well I could, but it wouldn’t turn out pretty!

Anyway, I was driving… I don’t remember where, and I was racking my brains about my writers fear, and why I couldn’t get over it, and what the problem really was, because there had to be a problem, I refuse to believe that there is an issue you can’t resolve.

I’ll get to the point in a minute…!

So I have now got a stool, and carpets, and I am in the process of fixing my printer, my studio is only lacking a heater currently, which in the British winter, is kind of essential, I took a friend to the studio the other day and they left looking a healthy shade of blue. So it couldn’t have been any of those things I was postulating about.

So I knew that there had to be something wrong, well this was the conclusion I came to, I decided that there was something wrong with the story.


There was.

The more I thought about it, the more I began to think through all the other writers blogs I have read and all the things they have experienced, and as I worked through it hit me…

I was writing the story from the wrong point of view. The main character isn’t who I thought it was, or who I thought it should have been.

Now, this is a bit of a bitch.

Much as I am delighted to have realised the error in my ways, I have now landed myself with a pile of rewriting and re-planning which is a total ball ache to be honest. But it was like a weight lifted instantly, I have ideas oozing through my fingertips already.

I can’t believe I made such an epic school boy error.

a) how did I not realise?

b) how is the story now telling me what’s right and wrong – that’s just weird.

c) #FML to all the work I now need to re do.

Can I just point out… It’s also fucking monday, and I had a really REALLY bad day, if it wasn’t for the fact I had this epiphany I would have come home and gone straight to bed!!


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