Sacha lost her mojo

so, I am not sure what wrong with me, but i am feeling particularly like Austin Powers at the moment, except the bad Austin, the Austin who has lost his mojo.

I have been married for precisely 1 month today, and I haven’t seemed to be able to do anything yet. It took me three weeks to recover from the wedding, and not wake up feeling exhausted. Then I got ill, recovered – just- and then got ill again, today I feel better although I am still pretty sniffly.

But the problem is I seem to be living in some sort of nowhere zone.

I cant seem to bring myself to do anything. Literally. I am just surviving…. again. I swear I was doing this before the wedding, and now its over I seem to have slipped back into it.

I’m not writing, I’m not reading, I’m not gyming, I’m not baking, I’m literally not doing anything.

I lost my inspiration, my muse and my mojo.

If anyones found it…. Please return it to me!!

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