Sacha has a wife!!

After a short break from blogging due to the wedding of the year… cough cough, yes I do mean mine! I am finally back! Although somewhat exhausted and dishevelled.

I am now a wife, and I have a wife!! Where do I even start…

So its the morning before the wedding, I am beyond rushed off my feet and I have gotten up extra early in order to pick my dad up from the airport, after having not gone to bed until ridiculous o clock making the wedding cakes. I wake up groggy and exhausted throw clothes on in the dark, and just as I am looking for my glasses and keys my dad rings telling me he has missed his flight.


You can imagine my frustration at this news. I had zero time that day as I had back to back jobs, appointments and errands to do. He said he was going to try and get on to another flight, but I still wouldn’t of been able to go and get him from the airport as he missed his time slot in my minute by minute schedule!!!  So I had to ring around my friends and bridesmaids and try and harass one of them into doing it! which luckily I managed to do.

The night before the wedding I went out for a meal with some of my friends and with my dad. It was nice, although its a total blur now as it much of the day itself. I woke up at  4:45am the morning of the wedding in a massive panic about table names, and then couldn’t fall back to sleep, as I started stressing about all sorts of things.

When I got to the venue at 8:30am coffee in hand feeling somewhat bleary eyed, I went to get my cakes out to set them up to realise part of the front had fallen off. I managed to persuade the venue to let me use their pastry kitchen. So at 8:30am morning of the wedding I was in the kitchen throwing icing all over the place and trying to fix my cakes. It ended up EVERYWHERE!!! all over me, all over my joggers in my rollers, literally everywhere!! Suffice to say after dragging in my bridesmaids to hold this and cover that we managed to fix them and it was all good.

(did I mention that I made these…!!! So proud of myself!!! lol)

On a serious note, if you ever get married, pay someone to do the lot!! It’s not worth the stress of doing it yourself!

Now I didnt have much money left so I wanted to do something for my future wife and give her some small present that was a romantic gesture. Not being the most romantic person in the world that was particularly hard! However, I found in a little shop a black and red zebra print heart, so I decided to buy it, wrap it and send it down with a bridesmaid (because we didnt see each other the morning of or night before the wedding) with a card that said:

Today I am giving you my heart forever, please keep it safe

Well anyway I thought it was sufficiently soppy, and I was sufficiently pleased with myself.

She wrote me the most romantic letter I have ever received it was beautiful, touching and completely unexpected, she has dyslexia and therefore avoids writing most of the time as it frustrates her. However, she spent hours pouring over this letter and it was just beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.

With the cakes and sweet table complete:

My jobs for the morning were done and I could go and get ready. Which I did, and got slightly typsy as well, the wife (love saying that now!) sent up a glass of rose, and my mum had brought some seriously expensive champaign and strawberries.

In true british style it then went from glorious sun shine to pouring down with rain and so I got seriously upset. Control freak that I am everything was going swimingly, apart from the blasted rain. Which apparently as much as I will I still cant control. So we ended up getting married inside, which  I was disappointed about, but it made the wedding much much more intimate, so it turned out fine anyway.

Much to my surprise, because I am basically emotionless and my partner cries much much more often than me, she stayed perfectly tearless and I let out a few tears during the ceremony. I am still gobsmacked. More to the point I think I opened a flood gate, because I proceeded to cry for the following three days, my best friend emigrated to Oz so cried then, and for various other bits and bobs too!!

The ceremony was beautiful. Everything was perfect. The meal and reception were perfect.

We had so many compliments it was delightful.


I have now been married 10 days 🙂 and I am extremely happy, and relaxed, if not exhausted because we got married on the wednesday and went back to work on the Monday, honeymoon is later in the year. So this weekend I am trying to stay as restful as possible!!!

You know… I thought I would feel the same. In our relationship. But I dont. Somethings different, better, more secure, teamy, solid, I cant put my finger on it just yet, but I will keep trying….



  1. Massive congratulations 🙂 and well done on the fantastic looking cakes! Although I’m making a personal note of the “it’s not worth doing it yourself” bit 😉 really interesting that you say you feel different since being wed, too. There’s always this idea of it being a lot of fuss over a ring and a bit of paper but I like to believe that there’s more to it than that!


    1. Thank you 🙂 and Thank you again!! Its really not worth doing it yourself the stress is unbelievable and when it goes wrong you only have you to fix it. Yes that was really unexpected. I thought I would just feel the same but I really dont, there is definitely more to it than a piece of paper 🙂


  2. I am so happy I came on here today and saw this post. I was just thinking to myself if I didn’t see one soon I was going to have to start posting “Have you seen Sacha?” posts on my blog. LOL.. I am soooooo sooooo Happy for you and your wife.. the cakes are beautiful.. and I am glad it all came out how you wanted. So I will let you rest for a few more days lol.. and then start gabbing at you. btw you two are so so sweet. Loved how you both were doing things for each other before you could even see her.


    1. haha, i’m here now, although still a little sluggish!! I have managed to pick up a serious case of man flu, so I am just about managing work, nevermind anything else. I know, I thought she was just lovely, so romantic, especially cause shes not normally :D. I have to say I am extremely proud of the cakes!! lets catch up soon 🙂


  3. Congratulations!!!!
    I’ve been waiting with bated breath for news on your wedding, and sending my fiance the email updates… She reckons me and you are pretty similar, and she dreads to think about my reaction to our wedding.
    We haven’t set a date yet, as things keep cropping up… But it shouldn’t be too far along, and I’m super excited for ours now. You’re my inspiration.

    Your cakes are stunningly beautiful, wow! When I read that you’d make them yourself, I admit I cringed just a little. They came out beautifully.

    Anyway congratulations Mrs Black. I pray you two have a beautiful life together.


    1. hehe thank you 😀 haha, I am sure at the end of it you will all be fine, if not a little exhausted!! I am STILL so tired!! mind you I barely had any time off!! haha, I think everyone doubted me when I said I was going to do the cakes, even people I have made cakes for before. I make and sell cupcakes quite a lot, and now more specialist bespoke type ones, started out as a hobby now I have made quite a few, suitcase with a world on top, rainbow cakes, anchors, sushi boards, leopard print ones!! to name but a few.

      Thank you, I am still trying to get used to saying ‘wife’!!

      Cant wait to hear news of yours and hurry up and set a date already!! 😀


  4. I so can’t wait for mine!!!! *does happy dance!* I’m looking forward more to my marriage than my wedding though, it’s very interesting how things’ve changed. Super keen to find out how they change.


  5. I love that last sentence. Marriage does bring something to a relationship, unexpected. It’s like armor, knowing karma is always on your side, knowing if the whole world is against you someone isn’t. I love it.


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