Surely not a good Monday?!


It’s about this time on a Monday when I usually start ranting about how shit it has been. Someone or other has pissed me off, something has gone horribly wrong,  etc etc. In fact, I secretly love the fact so many ridiculous things happen to me. It gives me funny stories to tell and hopefully some good anecdotes for others to enjoy.

HOWEVER, I am dumbfounded to find that I have NOTHING negative to say!!

My heart bleeds!

I almost don’t know what to do with myself it has actually been an above average day!!!

Despite my usual Monday routine of: waking up, getting ready, passing out again fully clothed trying to scrape the last few minutes before leaving for work, cradling coffee the rest of the day went surprisingly well.

This is odd for me, firstly because I love a good moan, or rant. It saddens me that I have nothing to moan about! *at least I am honest!!*

Perhaps I should enjoy the moment!

Secondly because I have the worst luck with Mondays, they normally feature somewhere between diabolical and worst days of my life.


I am a trainee manager, and on a ‘scheme’ at work, and today I was given a budget for a project that will remain nameless because it is an extremely large national project that is running across all authorities. The fact that I will have some responsibility over a budget is fab, and also something I think, not many other grads have had the chance to do yet. Which considering I have my mid placement review tomorrow, is beyond excellent timing.

I have had some seriously good feedback about my role in this project too, which was also great, and a real boost to my confidence, particularly because I haven’t really enjoyed the work I have been doing.

Then, I decided that I wanted to shape my next placement. I do not want to be in the situation where I am not enjoying what I am doing. More to the point, because of my drive to be a millionaire in 10 years see other blog! ( )

I decided I want to look at property development. So I thought considering the company I work for has a huge portfolio I would try to get a placement in their property department. So I nudged a bit and prodded in the right direction and it’s looking promising to say the least!

This is a major win!

It is only 6pm… maybe I shouldn’t count my chickens just yet!!


  1. Well here is to having a good Monday. Wish mine was as good as yours… lol.. Actually I have to say except for the freakin heat again it was not bad at all.


    1. If you seen any of my other rants about Monday, they really don’t normally go this well!! but thanks, today was exceptional!! I almost felt dirty writing such a positive post!! lol. How come yours was so good?!


      1. I am going to stop replying to so many of your posts in one day. we have two conversations going on, tho I am not sure if you saw the last one I made to the how you met post.. lol.. Mine was good because we have made connections with a local taskforce in town that is going to come out to our pride event and do HIV testing.. they get results in 15 minutes and will counsel anyone who comes up positive. They will be out there for our education day .. and they invited me to one of their meetings to see what they could help us with since they have funding and we don’t yet


      2. The one where u asked about ur movie fiction?? I replied. Hmm did it not come up?! Lol i know word press isnt great for actual conversations!

        Wow that is really amazing. I didnt even know you could test in 15 mins i thought it took 3 months. I know a few people who are positive so i think its really great that you have managed to get them to do that. WIll you blog some photos and stuff when it happens??


      3. Nope it didn’t .. lol.. give it to me .. I demand satisfaction lol.. mostly cus I am so OCD I can’t stand to think there is an opinion out there that I don’t know about lol.. Yep we will blog photos and stuff.. The Alliance actually has a blog to that I only mange to write in a little because I am the only one who writes in it right now.. But I will put some here too plus I gave you the website in one of our other messages back and forth.. messenger would be so much easier for us to talk lol


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