Vampires, Dead or Alive?!

Little vampire

Little vampire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want to start a debate.

Who thinks that vampire fiction has had its day??

Had some interesting conversations today, some hard core traditionalists who hate all the new modern vampire literature, and others who like it.

Do you think that the current literary field is too saturated with vampire fiction or do you think there is still room for more?

I personally think there is room for more, it’s popular now yes, and a bit of a fad, but it’s been around for a long time.

You have had so many generations of vampires, from ‘Varney the Vampire‘ and Dracula, to Ann Rice‘s and now more modern literature like the twilight series and True Blood.

I found it interesting, and was slightly irritated that someone thinks a genre that has been so popular for so long has had its day. I don’t see how you can reason that when it’s still so popular and marketable.

What do you think?


  1. Hey there, I voted.. I voted No. genre’s of all kind have been around for so long. As long as literature exists, in whatever form, all of the genres will stick around as well as develop new ones. I think sometimes people regroup different genres into a more clustered name, but still. A vamp is a vamp is a vamp whether they look gross or freakin sparkle. I am not what you would call a HUGE fan of Twilight, but I respect the story she made and told and I think it is good. I have no qualms with the Vampires sparkling, as I have no problems of ones that look gross, or are into BDSM – I wrote one like that a bit on the erotic side.

    Every author has a story to tell their way and I don’t think that is ever going to stop happening. Oh and yeah btw.. still have not gotten back to my fan fic.. planning an entire Pride Event is a pain in the ass.


    1. Thanks for voting Storm 🙂

      Not that I am stalking, but I did read your erotic vamp fiction, you posted a link to your website a few blogs ago, so I visited and read 🙂

      What spurred this on was a) the conversations I had but they started because I read a wordpress blog of a literary agent that said they didn’t want any more vampire literature in their submissions advice look:

      This annoyed me greatly because I think that there is always room for a new idea, and as you say loads of genres have been around and around and people keep coming up with new stories and ideas. I know they are the experts but I am a consumer, and I want more!!

      Plus I wouldn’t mind writing some vampire literature! haha


      1. Oh I agree.. I see why you were irked. I have noticed a lot of sites doing things like that recently. They limit the genres they will accept and I think it is a travesty. I once thought about starting my own ebook site, but I didn’t get anywhere on it.

        So not that I am fishing for compliments or anything.. what did you think of the story? Keeping in mind it was my first of that sort, I wrote it when I was a bit angry and.. well just tell me what you thought lol


  2. I think it should come to a pause before it picks up again… its too much, and honestly, becoming worse by the day… I think they have space to grow more, just not now.


      1. My pleasure… 🙂
        I like to see an ancient vampire, new ones are too many… That’s why I’ll watch Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter this week. Hope this would be the space you hope for


      2. Thats interesting to know, I do agree about the new vampires, they have become too ‘fad-ish’ and kind of lost their charm. Hmm. I saw Abraham Lincoln. I do watch an awful lot of films which makes me hard to please these days, but I wasn’t overly impressed. You should watch it though. I took a trip to your blog, have you published ‘psychs’ I did a quick check on amazon but couldn’t find it? 🙂


      3. I’ll be publishing it through Fulfillment by amazon, that’s where they keep the book in stock and then they ship and handle… I will ship my paperback copies to… once I do, I’ll post about it:)
        if you want to, you can download a chapter sample from my website:
        Hope you’ll enjoy it, and I hope the my book will find its way to your shelves 🙂


  3. Hi Sacha,

    I voted no because there will always be readers of vampire books. I know people who exclusively read that genre, and not because it is the trend.

    I certainly hope vampire books continue to be popular, because I will be E-publishing such a novel later this summer. I intend to create a trilogy from my book, so I am hoping vampires will remain popular.

    The trend does come and go. Sometimes it is more popular than it was five years before. But I do believe there will always be an audience ready to consume the next vampire book.

    Megan Cashman


    1. Thanks for commenting and voting. I agree, and although its still in its construction stage I am also writing a novel in that kind of genre. I too think it will always be around it had been for decades already so I can’t see that it will disappear any time soon. Congrats on publishing. 🙂


  4. The moment that vampires became a “genre” instead of a “fad,” their perpetuity was just about guaranteed. I, too, wrote a vampire novel called “Drasmyr.” The vampires in it are the traditional Dracule-esque kinds, not the sparkly ones.


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