Gender it’s a funny thing


It’s funny. I find gender absolutely fascinating.

I have an unusual view of gender, I 100% respect others views, but this is an exploration of my view, so try not to be offended.

I think, I am genderless.

Can you ‘be’ that?

Does that make me gender queer?

Don’t get me wrong, I was brought up a women, I have boobies, and other womanly bits. But I still find gender such an odd concept.

I don’t ‘see’ it. I don’t understand it. It doesn’t fit.

Why do we need it?

I never look at people and ‘see’ their gender, I just see them, their beauty, and their soul.

I am a curvy girl, I look feminine.

Inside I am androgynous.

Not because I am transgender, I’m not. I just don’t have a gender.

I don’t feel male or female.

I have several trans friends who have had to fight so hard to be recognised as their true gender, and my heart breaks that they should have to do this.

Sometimes, I think wouldn’t it just be better if society had no gender? No judgement, and no rules that ‘women’ or ‘men’ have to adhere too.

Why is it so important that women be womanly? and men manly?

What is it that defines you as a women anyway?

Why am I seen as a women? I see myself as genderless. Why shouldn’t I be recognised as genderless?

Is it purely the way I look physically? Most of society judges someone on first appearance. Surely that cannot be the defining reason to place me into the ‘women’ box.

I like sports, I’m competitive and can be aggressive. Manly traits, but that doesn’t make me a man either.

I think, that I was always genderless. As a child, I threw dolls away, chopped their heads off and cut their hair, played in the mud, and got into fights. Typical tom boy traits. But I wore girlie clothes. I don’t understand why we need gender.

I wonder what society would be like if we didn’t have such specified gender roles? No sexism, probably no homophobia, transgender people would be accepted for the gender they are, rather than the ‘gender’ their physical bodies decided they were at birth.

Society puts so much precedent on gender it’s one of the first things babies understand – mummy and daddy, boys and girls.

To me, it’s so irrelevant. My mind is ‘sexless’, my soul a free spirit. It makes me struggle to understand why people get so angry and upset about gender.

I think that gender is personal, that your gender isn’t your whole, I don’t even have one, so it can’t be.

I love peoples soul and spirit, their life and their energy.


  1. This made a lot of sense for me. I’ve said many times in my own blog, I’m not lesbian per se, however my fiancée is. And I’ve also said many times that I fell in love with her personality, and wasn’t initially attracted to her as a woman. Generalising people into genders just confuses issues.

    A good friend of mine, also lesbian, said she shops in the women’s section, however she’s as tomboy as they come, whereas my lady only shops in the men’s section (except for underwear), even though she considers herself a woman and somewhat girly (she’s also pretty tomboyish, just not as much as my friend). It’s all very confusing, simply because some tool somewhere, said “boys wear blue and play with cars, and girls wear pink, and play with dolls.”

    I’d also like to be neither.


    1. Thanks for taking the time to reply. 🙂

      Funnily enough I am going to do one of those ‘Reallys’ you just blogged about in your fxck Tuesday blog!

      Really? Glad its not just me!!

      I do think it’s just so bizarre a concept. I mean who decided blue was the colour baby boys had to wear anyway? I love blue!! I just think everything is all so backward. Take perfume for example, womens perfume is designed to smell nice to men so that they are attracted to women, so why, if they like the smell wouldn’t men wear it? haha. I (as a girl) find the smell of boys perfume lovely, so only wear mens perfume. But then people judge you. Why is convention so fucking important anyway? I seriously think people need to take a chill pill!!

      Congrats on the marriage 🙂 I am getting married in a little over two months!! eek. Hope your planning is going well.


  2. makes a lot of sense. Ironically enough when I finally came to the conclusion that the female body I have is not the male mind I have I began to question myself in many other ways. Like, omg I just squeeled over something.. or my hand just did a flippy femme thing.. and began to wonder what in the hell was wrong with me. So after many late night talks to Angel we have come to the conclusion that even though I see myself as a man and I am more male than anything else, I am also the perfect balance of male and female.. actually Angel likes to joke that I have just enough estrogen in me to keep me from being killed lol.


    1. lol to having just enough oestrogen!! yeah I find it all fascinating, I think I have just come to accept that I don’t really have a gender, well at least I feel that way anyway.


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